Travel Size First Aid Kit, 100 Piece

Everything You Need In A Small First Aid Kit!

Are you an avid hiker, camper, student, or mom looking for a sturdy, compact travel first aid bag, easy to fit in your backpack?

TripWorthy's new travel size first aid kit provides safety to all your nature, sports, or leisure adventures!

A Small First Aid Bag Made With Travelers In Mind!

Minor accidents such as scrapes and scratches do happen, especially when your experiencing nature's little adventurers or actively engaged in sports.

This is why our travel size first aid box includes ALL basic medical supplies for minor emergencies and survival situations while maintaining a LIGHTWEIGHT, a COMPACT profile to easily fit your backpack.

Feel Safe Everywhere!

Taking minimum space in your bag or luggage, it makes a great tool for hiking, trekking, sports, car, survival, school, office, or boat. With quality first aid supplies for students, children, travelers, or nature lovers.

Travel Kit Includes:

Scissors (1pc), Alcohol Prep Pad (10 pcs.), Antiseptic cleansing wipes (5 pcs.) Tweezers (1 pcs.), Small Adhesive Bandage (12 pcs.), Large Adhesive Bandage (12 pcs.), Round Adhesive Bandage (12 pcs.), Safety Pin (10 pcs.), Non-Woven Tape (1 pcs.), Knuckle Bandage (5 pcs.), Cotton swabs (20 pcs.), Finger Bandage (5 pcs.), Case (1 pcs.), Sewing Kit (1 pcs.), Moleskin Blister Relief (2 pcs.), Emergency Blanket (1 pcs.), PBT Bandage (1 pcs.),

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Customer Reviews

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Great small travel first aid kit

Super portable travel kit fits glove box, backpack, or camp kit.