About us

We offer high quality products meant to last for years, in a marketplace that is saturated by low quality offerings requiring regular replacement or maintenance. Our products fall within such niches as household, home and garden, and sporting goods. They are crafted from high quality and durable materials, and are engineered to last.

The Trouble with Most Retail Products Today

Today's consumer marketplace is flooded with poorly-crafted products which simply don't work. If you're anything like us, you're tired of dealing with everyday household goods which stop functioning properly after two or three uses. You probably don't care much for sporting goods, such as ice packs or athletic towels, which show visible signs of wear after only a few days.

Items that are ordered from retailers online arrive already damaged at the buyer's address. Assembly instructions are all too often incomplete or unclear. Sometimes a manufacturer will presume the existence of uncommon tools, which aren't included in the package. These issues range from mild nuisances to serious inconveniences, but they underscore the pain problem: a marked decline in product quality. It's market-wide, and it goes back several years.

If something does work as intended right out of the box, there remains the question of how long it will last. Items are created cheaply, with substandard parts and low quality materials. All of this is done to retain money on behalf of the manufacturer and the supplier, using a strategy which works on multiple fronts. It makes for a product that is inexpensive to produce, while ensuring that whoever buys said product will need to spend money on a replacement in the near future.

It's a win-win, for everyone but the buyer. In other words, you.

Our Role as We See It

We're more than a little tired of this. As consumers ourselves, we don't care very much for having to deal with it every time we make a purchase. Things have reached a point where an product purchased online, or off the shelves of a department store, is all but presumed to offer issues ahead of time unless it carries a massive price tag.

Frankly, the lies inherent to most online advertising and consumer-end publications are offensive. Current trends are not reflective of where things were heading only a few short years ago; they are entirely for the benefit of big businesses.

We live in the era of the most well-informed consumers in human history. If you want someone to buy from you, you need to treat them with a certain amount of respect. We believe that the role of the small business is to restore a certain focus on quality, without sacrificing affordability.This is possible because the "low prices" of your typical retail giant aren't actually all that low to begin with. Their profit margins are huge; they're far greater than they've ever been before. Think about it: as product quality has declined over recent years, have retail giants' prices gone down or up?

Who We Are

We are a company based out of Orlando, Florida. We're owned and operated by millennials. Each and every one of us grew up in a world which saw the most recent and sharp decline in product quality. This was associated with the start of the era of the online retailer: a business model which is already classically removed from the concerns of the customer.We'd like to change that.

We have one eye on the future; we believe that current trends in product quality are about to turn themselves around. Our focus is centered on the creation of consumer goods that are affordable, durable, and of high quality. Our company logo was chosen to reflect this: the image of a turtle, representing quality that lasts. We offer products which are intended to last through years of proper use, not weeks. Certainly not days!