About us


Life doesn’t slow down, and neither should you.  TrekProof delivers innovative healing and recovery products that are all-natural and fully mobile – providing you with comfort, relief, and support wherever life takes you.


Founded in Orlando, Florida, and currently headquartered in Seattle, Washington, TrekProof has remained steadfast in our mission to provide premium wellness and recovery products that are both effective and sustainable since first opening our doors in 2016.

At TrekProof, we understand that life doesn’t slow down when you’re dealing with pain, injury, or recovery.  Unfortunately for most of us, laying around motionless on the couch as we recover from an injury is simply not a luxury we have.  TrekProof provides exceptionally designed and carefully crafted mobile heat and cold packs designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle.  After all, you have work to do, adventures to have, children to chase, and life to live – and at TrekProof, we offer health, wellness, and recovery products that align with your daily responsibilities, needs, and goals.

Whether you overexerted yourself at the gym, recovering from a medical procedure, seeking some relief after a long hike, experiencing the constant discomfort from a chronic condition, or are simply dealing with the everyday aches and pains that come with age, TrekProof is committed to offering highly effective, all-natural solutions that move with you.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At TrekProof, we believe in the power of integrity, honesty, and transparency.  We understand that in the current global online marketplace, many companies choose to cut corners, exaggerate truths, and mislead their customers – all in search of making a quick dollar. 

We actively reject this business practice.

TrekProof is a company founded on active integrity and an unwavering commitment to excellence.  We go above and beyond to provide our customers with high-quality products that have been exhaustively vetted, extensively tested, and fairly priced.  Why?  Because that is what our customers deserve.

When your purchase a product from TrekProof, you can rest assured knowing that we firmly stand behind each product we offer and ensure total satisfaction in every purchase.  As business owners, we respect and appreciate our customers – and will do everything within our power to deliver them with a product that exceeds all expectations – every time.