| About TrekProof

Why should I choose your TrekProof Ice Packs for my health and household needs?

People are thinking more and more about the actual quality of their household and health items, and our TrekProof Ice Packs are designed around that growing priority. We guarantee they will not leak or break when used properly. One key differentiator is that our Ice Packs have been built to contour to the human body, giving you the perfect, most comfortable fit, when you need it. You might even want to post selfies in them on Instagram - that’s how much you’ll be feelin’ yourself.


Do you use harmful chemicals in your TrekProof products?

No, you would think the idea of wearing toxic products is absurd, but our competitors seem to have a different agenda. Every part of our TrekProof products, including the gel inside of our Ice Packs, is non-toxic. That warm, fuzzy feeling is just happiness - or, in this case, that cold, fuzzy feeling.


What is the best way to contact TrekProof?
You can drop us a line at Care@TrekProof.com and we’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours, unless you’re a corporate spy. We don’t respond to spies.

| Shipping and Returns

How long will my TrekProof order take after I place it?
We begin processing orders within 1 business day, because we care about you. With standard shipping, you can expect your TrekProof items to arrive within 7-10 business days, or 2-3 days with expedited shipping. Hang in there, you’re be cold in no time.


How do you ship your TrekProof products?

Customer happiness is our main goal, and we know how quickly you need Ice Packs in your life. This in mind, we ship our products using the quickest possible method and are working with Elon Musk to discuss strapping boxes to rockets. In the meantime, they either leave from our frigid warehouse on the west coast, or get fulfilled through third party merchants closer to you in order to save time.

Can I place a TrekProof order from outside the USA?

While we do not typically ship internationally, we may make an exception if we think you’re cool enough. Get it - cool enough? Anyway, shoot us an email at Care@TrekProof.com to discuss your needs, agree on a shipping quote, etc.

Do you offer wholesale partnerships?

Currently, we only sell wholesale to those interested in selling offline - hello, brick and mortar! You can contact us at Care@TrekProof.com to chat more.

What is your refund policy?

While we are by no means anti-refund, we will always try to resolve any issues in better ways first. If, for whatever reason, a refund seems to be the best resolution, then we will certainly issue one and most likely apologize a bunch of times.

| General Ice Pack FAQ

How long should I leave my TrekProof Ice Pack on?

Do not leave your TrekProof Ice Pack on for more than 15-20 minutes, after which your risk of frostbite or ice burn increases dramatically. These conditions can often take several weeks to go away and can get in the way of your social life, so set a timer on your phone; be responsible with your icing!

Can I heat the TrekProof Hot/Cold Pack longer than the directions state?

Yes, there isn’t a TrekProof SWAT team ready to break down your door if you break the rules. However, bear in mind that you do this at your own risk and the Packs could potentially leak if heated for too long. We recommend sticking to the time stated on the label, and slowly adding time to in small increments if absolutely necessary.