Hot & Cold Packs(2) with wrap



the joint, muscle, and soft tissue pain relief you need to tackle each new day.

We all suffer from discomfort or injuries at times in our lives, be it toothaches, sore muscles, joint pain, or injuries. And while we can’t prevent them all, we can help you recover so you have more flexibility and less pain throughout your day. Introducing the Trek Proof Ice Pack set that comes with two hot/cold gel wraps perfect for warming muscles or relieving swollen ankles, a stiff back, or tired knees and joints.

Soft, Durable Support

Crafted with skin-safe fabric, our ice packs come with an adjustable strap so you can use them all over your body. What’s more, they’re freezer and microwave safe so you can get them the right temperature before you place them on your skin. As a reminder, you should always check how it feels against your skin and limits treatment times based on comfort and therapy requirements.

Product Details:

  • Two (2) Hot and Cold Gel Packs
  • One (1) Adjustable Comfort Strap
  • Soft, Flexible, and Reusable
  • Microwave and Freezer Safe
  • Velcro Closure
  • Home, Office, and Travel Friendly
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 658 reviews
    Meri Bloom
    well made, durable ice packs

    I have used these trek proof ice packs for many dental procedures for a tooth implant, they are the perfect size, and stay cold for a decent amount of time. I originally bought the ice packs that came with a velcro strap/sleeve which is perfect for keeping the ice pack in place without having to hold it. I have also used these ice packs for my back and hip. They are very durable and well made, I have used them dozens and dozens of times with no leaking or cracking so far. They are somewhat flexible when frozen.

    Chad Sparks
    Awesome cooling product

    I froze the ice pack for 60 minutes when it arrived in the mail. Afterward I used this cooling pack outside when I shoot arrows in the 100 degree plus weather in Texas. It made me feel cool, like it was in the 85* double digits vs. the 100* triple digits. I would highly recommend this product to others.

    Stacie Johnson

    I loved it!! I would really recommend it. I used it last night on my moms back and it was just awesome she didn’t complain about back pain anymore lol I love how it holds in place when you put it on. The cold hold for a long time!!

    Jennifer Stainbrook .

    I love the wrap because it holds the cold pack in place without having to hold on to it. Very soft material also. Great product!!!

    Tod Bridges .
    Value and Quality

    I have purchased many hot/cold packs in the past. These are the best value and quality out there in the market.

    Customer Reviews

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