Premium Hot & Cold Packs(2) with wrap

  • Targeted Pain Relief – These small ice packs with adjustable Velcro straps allow for customized therapy with placement over sore muscle groups like arms, legs, or back.


  • Hot and Cold Versatility – Boil or microwave packs to heat them up or put them in the freezer for ice-cold therapy to relieve swelling, stiffness, spasms, or arthritic pain.


  • Soft, Flexible Comfort – Whether heated or cooled these ice packs flex and conform to fit your body, while the soft exterior is safer and gentler on even sensitive skin.


  • Home, Work, or Gym Use – The compact size makes it easier to store or use these around the house, after a tough workout at a CrossFit box, or during a long workday.


  • Reinforced Stitching & Durability – Offering long-lasting strength and resilience, our hot and cold ice packs feature premium stitching to ensure trusted reusable support.

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You get 2 ice packs in fabric casing cold and hot work 👍

Joe Ferrante .
Great product!

I have been using product for almost 3 years now. I use it every day, in the early morning & late evening, for chronic low back pain. It is very effective and very sturdy. I've tried other similar products in the past, but none were as effective. I highly recommend!

Jonathan Olcott .

This belt is fabulous. The Velcro is tight. It never chafes. It is easy to apply and very comfortable.

David Bakker .

Premium Hot & Cold Packs(2) with wrap


I love the concept of this pack. It slides into the wrap easily and doesn’t fall out and the strap is a great size. Thirty seconds in the microwave for heat that lasts. I use it on my arthritic knees. Fast delivery. Great company. 😊

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