Premium Hot & Cold Packs(2) with wrap

  • Targeted Pain Relief – These small ice packs with adjustable Velcro straps allow for customized therapy with placement over sore muscle groups like arms, legs, or back.


  • Hot and Cold Versatility – Boil or microwave packs to heat them up or put them in the freezer for ice-cold therapy to relieve swelling, stiffness, spasms, or arthritic pain.


  • Soft, Flexible Comfort – Whether heated or cooled these ice packs flex and conform to fit your body, while the soft exterior is safer and gentler on even sensitive skin.


  • Home, Work, or Gym Use – The compact size makes it easier to store or use these around the house, after a tough workout at a CrossFit box, or during a long workday.


  • Reinforced Stitching & Durability – Offering long-lasting strength and resilience, our hot and cold ice packs feature premium stitching to ensure trusted reusable support.

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Quality Product

Great quality product. Just wish the gel packs lasted a bit longer. Make sure you have at least 3 if you need to use them for an extended period of time to ensure a room temperature one gets cold enough before you need it.

Love it!

I picked this up for my husbands’ aching knees. As soon as we got it he used it right away & he felt so much better. It has just the right amount of weight for him. He’s been using it almost every night since we got it. It’s a safer alternative to pain relievers so it’s a two thumbs up for us. Thank you for making a great product!


This item is pretty cool. I like that it came with two ice packs and the strap. It was exactly as described and it doesn’t feel like you are putting ice cubes on your body. It’s cold but no ice cold where you have to remove it from your body because it’s freezing. Once it’s frozen it’s not stiff which was a concern of mine. I have knee pains so it’s something I can place on the knee and wrap it with the strap. It arrived on time and in great condition.

Works Great

I use this to ice my back while still being able to do my work. I neverwanted to ice because I didn't want to take the time to sit or lay down,now I can just insert the gel pack, strap on the strap and go about mybusiness. It's well made and I recommend it highly

Lifestyle changer!!

Great comfort and fit for my bad ankles. Was in a bad accident years ago and have tried multiple products that have failed me. Glad I found your product!!

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