December 05, 2017 2 min read

Mouth pain catches most people off guard, which leads to excruciating sensations in certain cases. Eating and talking might be painful. Immediately grabbing a pain medication isn't always the solution. There are natural solutions to your cavity pain. Learn more about ice packs and how they can contribute to your toothache cure.

Numbing the Area

The reason why ice packs for tooth pain are so effective is their numbing action. From the moment that the cold pack touches your skin, the nerves numb off from the freezing conditions. This cold snap extends to your teeth and jaw. If you've had wisdom teeth removed, the cold will feel calming as you deal with recovery. Use a pack with a strap, or hold it with a towel. You want the jaw area to numb over and not the hand.

Framing the Application Time

Don't hold the packs against your skin for too long. Experts suggest that the use of any cold compress on the skin should be limited to 20 minutes at a time. Repeat the numbing process again during the next hour. This strategy allows the skin to recover from the cold conditions. It's possible to damage your skin if you leave the cold pack on for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Swapping Them Out

Your ice pack begins to thaw as soon as you pull it out from the freezer. Ideally, keep two or three packs in the freezer so that you can swap them out as necessary. Purchase several different colors so that you know which ones are out or chilling in the freezer. You'll always have a cold compress when the pain worsens.

Supplementing With Medications

Another important reason to use ice packs is fewer medication doses. You'll probably still take a few doses, but not as many as you might without the ice packs. Natural, pain relief is always better than any drug in the marketplace. Speak to your doctor about altering the doses too. When the professionals know that you're supplementing your medication with holistic treatments, they can make a note of it for your history.

Click here to see your toothache pain relief choices. Simple, ice packs with straps will serve you well. As reusable products, these packs can be kept in the freezer for any pain relief. Stay on top of your health so that mouth pain isn't ever a factor.