Lunch Ice Packs (4-Piece Set)

Nobody likes to eat a warm bologna sandwich or popping open a hot Dr. Pepper when it’s time for lunch; especially when you’re under the summer sun. That’s why we’ve developed TrekProof Ice Packs to keep all your favorite snacks cool, crisp and tasting fantastic even after they’ve been in your lunch box for hours.

Fresher, More Delicious Lunches

This 4-pack of freezer packs are designed to keep your refreshments and lunches colder and more enjoyable throughout the day; all to ensure a better, healthier meal when it’s finally time for that lunchtime break.

Long-Lasting Reusability

An ecofriendly, BPA-free material, these ice packs can be used again and again to keep your lunch box or cooler ice cold. And if they get dirty, just wipe them down with a warm, wet washcloth, dry them, and stick them back in the freezer for tomorrow.

Product Details:

      • Reusable Ice Packs (Set of 4)
      • Efficient Cooling
      • Lightweight, Slim
      • Easy to Wipe Down/Clean
      • BPA Free and Nontoxic
      • Colors: Red, Blue and Green (1 Ea.)
      • Dimensions: 6.7” x .35” x 1.26”
      • Volume: 400 ml
      • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Customer Reviews

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Great ice packs

These ice packs work very well in my lunch sack and smaller ice chests. I am very happy with them


These are great for everyday work lunches. My lunch stays cold in my locker, and the packs are still cold after 12 hours.

These are the best ice packs I have ever owned.

These packs are the perfect size, stay cold and because of their slim design fit great in small places and lunch boxes. The best ice packs I have ever owned. Most of the others leaks, explod and make huge messes and freeze funny so they are bulky.

Lunch Ice Packs

I love these packs, they're just the right size, they fit in much lunch bag without taking up a lot of room, they keep my lunch and snacks cold all day. They stack easily in my freezer. I would definitely recommend these packs to anyone adults and children.

Great ice packs

Keeps things really cold. Extremely happy with the product.

Customer Reviews

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