Carabiners (2 Pack)
  • Superior Weight Bearing – Each steel alloy carabiner clip holds up to 4,000 lbs. of weight, giving you more utility and reliability over aluminum.
  • Single-Hand Operation – These tactical locking carabiners can be loosed, clipped on, and tightened all with a single hand for smooth, easy-to-use support.
  • Versatile Utility – Thanks to advanced weight capacity and improved durability, these carabiners can be used for hammock straps, backpacking, camping & more.
  • Smart Locking System – The easy-to-use screw down locking feature lets you secure the carabiner “gate” so important items can’t slip out or lose grip.
  • Rust & Weather Resistant – Safe for indoor and outdoor use, our reliable carabiner clips are good for just about everything except climbing.

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